Nottingham Magician meets: Paul Gascoigne

Along with performing for the Worlds greatest football player this month, I have also had the pleasure of meeting Englands most gifted midfielder of his generation, Mr Paul Gascoigne!

Gazza, as he is more affectionately known as, was an absolute pleasure and gentleman to perform for, what a character!  I had the opportunity to meet and perform for Gazza whilst entertaining all the vip’s at an Evening with Paul Gascoigne, held in Mansfield palace theatre.  

Before Gazza took to the stage, I chilled out with him in the green room, drinking tea and sharing a bag of chips with the English legend, pretty surreal right?

I know he’s had his problems in the past, but when I met him he was on fine form speaking of his endeavours and antics over the years,I was literally crying with laughter.  

Check out the video below to see him in all his glory!

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