Nottingham Magician meets: MARTIN KEMP

Last week I was invited along to perform my magic for a whole host of screaming ladies for an Evening with Martin Kemp, at The Southbank Bar in Nottingham.

It was a brilliant night as I tried out some new material, which received great reactions.

Martins stint on stage was hilarious, as he regailed us with stories from his past as a member of the legendary Band Spandau Balllet, along with his stint on Eastenders.

During the interim, I was invited back stage to meet Martin, naturally he asked me to show him some magic, so I duly obliged.

I performed for himself, his management and the host of the evening, BBC Radio Nottinghams Mark Dennison

Martins response was great, he thoroughly loved the magic as he stated ” Amazing! Absolutely Incredible, I love magic!”

Stay tuned for more posts from Nottinghams elite magician.


Nottingham magician.

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