Magic for Ricky Hatton MBE

Last week I was again asked to perform my world class close up magic and mind reading by HS Presents for their recent event, An evening with Ricky Hatton MBE!


As always it was an absolutely incredible event, with over 700 guests turning up to meet the main man himself!

What can I say?

Ricky Hatton is one of the most nicest and accommodating people I have had the pleasure of meeting in this business.  Again, there was a comedian, silent auction and a brilliant atmosphere, resulting in every one witnessing my magic screaming with laughter or their jaws simply gaping open in wonderment! 

Below are some amazing photographs taken by David Clifford and his daughter Shannon from DC Photography, based in Retford. 

Check out the peoples reactions!  Priceless!

David is available for weddings and any events that require a professional photographer.

Keep checking back to my news section for an incredible video of Ricky Hattons response to my magic, caught by David!   Its my favourite testimonial and reaction of all time!

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