Nottingham Magician meets: Joe Calzaghe

If you are a follower of my blogs or just happened to stumble upon them, then you would probably know that over the years I have struck up a friendship with undefeated super middle weight champion of the world Joe Calzaghe!
I have been friends with Joe for over two years and have performed at many events with him and for him. This weekend was no different as he graced Mansfield with his stories of his boxing legacy.
I was there, as always to entertain VIP’s and guests prior to the main event.
The magic went down a storm as did Joe’s session.

I have not included any pictures or testimonials in this post, as I have done this in prior posts with Joe before, so I have decided to include a video that was shot of myself and Joe chatting prior to his appearance in the main hall.

The video is edited, as unfortunately what we were discussing was of a personal and private nature between ourselves, never the less I hope you enjoy it!


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