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Hi there, just thought i’d write a little post and tell you about the latest Google review I just received!
It was a beautiful review from a Bride, whose wedding I performed at a few years ago! If any body reading this who has witnessed my magic before, and would like to leave me a review, then simply enter ‘Craig James Magic’ into Google, and please leave your review! Below is the latest review I received! xx

TRULY AMAZING. By far the MOST TALENTED Magician WE HAVE EVER SEEN and we’ve seen loads. I can not recommend Craig highly enough. He performed at our Weddding and is still the only thing everyone talks about! I consider myself highly privelaged to have had such a professional, talented, sought after and coveted top flight magician at our day. (We are hardly the celebs and royals he, quite rightly, usually performs for)
You may not think you need entertainment but BOOK HIM it’ll be the best thing you do! The difference he made to our day was imeasurable. He helped break the ice for guests who did not know each other, made the day flow and had absolutely everyone in total awe. Also he his a genuinely personable charismatic , friendly guy so made everyone feel comfortable.
I have been privelaged to see him perform since and he is incredible at ANY FUNCTION , wedding or corporate event.
We went to see Dynamo & also Darcy recently and my husband rightly said Craig is far better. Yes HE REALLY is THAT GOOD! We still don’t know how he did those tricks!!!

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