Brett The Hitman Hart

Well, this weekend I had the pleasure of meeting and performing a private show for the legendary, Brett The Hitman Hart!  Now, as a child I was never into wrestling, but I was still aware of this guy and his infamous sunglasses!  So when I was asked by the incredible HS Presents to entertain their guests and Brett at their ‘Evening with Brett Hart’, there was only going to be one answer!

He was such a humble guy, and genuinely took the time to talk to me about magic, and his experiences with Nikolai Volkoff performing magic whilst they were together in the wresting profession!  Amazing stories, which are not mine to divulge unfortunately!  

The video above was kindly recorded by my good friend Paul from Websites 4 startups, who also took photos and other performance videos of the evening, which I shall be posting soon, so make sure you come back to this page so you don’t miss out! x

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